Environmental Management

Easy Cleaning seeks to cut risks to human health and lessen damage to the environment. We are dedicated to employing management systems and methods specifically designed to prevent activities and conditions that could present a threat to human life, safety, health, or the environment.

Easy Cleaning is responsible and explores methodology that minimises risk and protects our employees, our customers, and the communities in which we operate. Our use of clean technology, eco-friendly cleaning products, and service offerings encourages eco-friendly approaches whenever possible.

Easy Cleaning strives to use cleaner technology. This includes the safer use of cleaning chemicals in order to minimise releases to the air, land, or water. Through our concerted efforts, Easy Cleaning will reduce the amount and the toxicity of waste generated. We also dispose of all waste material appropriately.

We encourage all of our clients to recycle whenever possible. Medical and other types of waste will be disposed of in a manner that meets all government standards.